4 Important Tips To Help Customers Avoid Heating Oil Delivery Delays

Posted on: 13 May 2022

As national headlines continue to be filled with news of fuel price increases and looming shortages of food and other basic goods, many home and business owners are understandably concerned about the availability of heating oil for the coming winter months. While you may not be able to do anything about shortages caused by kinks in the regional supply line, there are some important steps you can take now to help ensure that common reasons for local delivery delays will not result in discomfort for your home or business location in the future. 

Take advantage of preseason purchasing 

One of the best ways to ensure a consistent supply of heating oil at the best possible price is to take advantage of any preseason purchasing options that the heating oil delivery company may offer. Since demand for heating oil drops dramatically during the early spring and summer months, many of these companies offer special pricing for heating oil purchased during these months. Home and business owners who currently have or can install a larger oil tank or add a second one may be able to save a considerable amount of money by ordering a bulk delivery before the beginning of the heating season. 

Opt for automatic refilling when available

Heating oil delivery customers who cannot take advantage of preseason pricing because they are unable to store large quantities of heating oil may want to consider opting into the automatic refilling options their heating oil delivery company currently provides. While actual terms and conditions may differ, most companies offer some type of option where they check and refill the tank on a regularly scheduled basis and bill the customer on a monthly basis for the amount of fuel pumped into the tank during that month. 

Ensure safe delivery conditions for the driver 

Heating oil deliveries are sometimes delayed if the driver finds that conditions in the area are unsafe. Some of the most common reasons for safety concerns of this type include the presence of aggressive dogs, deterioration of the driveway, and snow or ice-covered pavement. Home and business owners can help avoid these types of delays by confining pets, applying chemicals or salt to pavement surfaces, or rescheduling the delivery until weather conditions improve. 

Make changes to ensure convenient access

If the fill tubes and gauges for the heating fuel tanks are not able to be easily accessed by the delivery driver, the delivery must often be postponed. Home and business owners can avoid this type of problem from occurring by taking time to review the location of their tanks with their heating oil delivery company and make any changes deemed necessary.

For more information, contact a heating oil delivery service in your area.