6 Architectural Services Beyond Drawing Plans

Posted on: 21 December 2021

When the average person thinks about architectural services, they likely will imagine a professional creating drawings and plans for buildings. You can certainly expect an architect to handle those tasks, but they can help you with many other issues. Here are 6 architectural services besides drawing that bring immense value to clients' projects.

Understanding Building Codes

Anyone building or renovating a structure needs to be aware of the local, state, and federal rules. You want to identify potential problems in the design phase to avoid incurring massive remediation costs. An architect can study the codes and tailor your plans to meet the regulations.


Many localities will have questions about whether your construction or remodeling permits meet their requirements. Suppose you want a variance to build a commercial structure in a residential area. The board may want to hear what steps you'll take to prevent the building from disrupting the appearance of the neighborhood. An architect can help you address these questions during the permit process.

Selecting Contractors

At some point, you will probably ask contractors about tackling your project. Especially if you're taking bids, you'll want to consider how a proposal does or doesn't meet the architect's requirements. No one can address those concerns better than the architectural services firm that developed your plans.

Feasibility Studies

Some organizations will need to assess their building and renovation options. For example, a manufacturer may need to determine if constructing a new plant is the best option compared to retrofitting an existing one. An architectural services practice can study the existing structure and consider the demands of a new build. The manufacturer can then review the reports and determine how to proceed.

Efficiency Planning

Many of the best building efficiency solutions are fundamentally architectural. If you need to determine the cost-benefit ratio of using a highly efficient window system, for example, an architect can study the issue. They can examine concerns about lighting, electrical, and heating systems, too.

Advice on In-Progress Projects

The person who drew the designs for a building is also a great resource during the implementation process. Suppose a structural engineer is trying to adapt the plans after a team of excavators discovered a problem with the soil stability at the location. The engineer can talk with the architect about potential solutions. Working with the contractors, the two can then adjust the plans to ensure the project won't suffer.