4 Common Types Of Structural Steel You Should Know

Posted on: 10 November 2021

Structural steel is one of the most important materials in the construction industry today. It's used to create buildings, bridges, and many other types of structures. Knowing the types that exist can help you decide if they will work well for your project needs. Read on to know four common types of structural steel.


I-beams are sturdy and strong, making them great for long spans such as bridges and high rises. They are a common choice for steel buildings because they're made of two sheets that run the length of the beam. The flanges, which are the horizontal beams along either side, provide reinforcement from bending loads while the web, which is the vertical part in between them, resists shear. Using these beams in your projects will help your structures to conquer wind sway.

I-beams come in many shapes and sizes. A structural engineer can customize them for your project. They're also available in different depths, flange widths, head heights, web thicknesses, and weights per foot.

Tapered Flange Beams

This type of structural steel has an I-shape cross-section. It can help you reduce the amount of material required for its construction and save money on materials and labor costs. The design of these beams enables them to offer strength under heavy loads from various directions, including perpendicular loading.

Tapered flange beams are ideal for any structure that requires strength under heavy loads, such as a pedestrian bridge or an elevated highway. Columns made of this type of steel can also be filled with concrete to provide additional support and resistance against tension or compression. Additionally, these beams can be used as a part of a beam-and-slab construction. Their shape allows them to easily distribute loads evenly across the entire structure.

Rectangular Hollow Sections

Rectangular hollow sections are made of steel tubes in a rectangular form. They have a higher strength capacity, enabling them to bear more weight when used in columns or braces that need high load-bearing capabilities.

RHS is also used for manufacturing containers, scaffolds, ladders, and platforms. It features excellent corrosion resistance, especially when protected with paint coatings. They're also lightweight thanks to their hollow structure. They come in different sizes, allowing them to be used for a wide range of applications.

Angled Sections

These are structural steel sections that have an angle between the side and bottom plate. They can be fabricated or cast-in-place depending on your project. You can use them in place of beams to get better results, especially if your loads do not require an extremely large depth for each section. They are also easier to install as they can be lifted and placed into position with a crane.

Structural steel is a sturdy metal that can be used for many types of construction. Selecting the right type will ensure your project is completed successfully.