Keys To Working With A Conveyor Belt Vulcanizing Company

Posted on: 24 March 2021

When heat and pressure are both used to attach materials to damaged sections of a conveyor belt, this is known as vulcanization. It's an innovative and effective repair process. If you are having a professional company carry it out, use these tips.

Ensure Vulcanizing Is the Right Repair Process

You may be sold on the benefits that vulcanizing can provide to your damaged conveyor belt system, but just to make sure it can deliver these benefits without any issues, verify that the damage present will be appropriate for this repair process.

The company offering vulcanizing services will need to provide this analysis, where they come out to your worksite in person to look at the problems your belts are dealing with. There might be holes or tears that hinder this belt system's effectiveness. After the company's on-site inspection, they can confirm vulcanization as being an appropriate repair process or suggest something else if needed.

Give Company a Realistic Repair Timeframe

You need to give the vulcanizing company a timeframe for when this repair needs to be completed. If you don't, it may go on a lot longer than you expected and that can put a huge roadblock in operations that are reliant on this belt system being in optimal condition.

Express to the vulcanizing company how quick of a turnaround you need. If it's really short, the company may suggest emergency vulcanizing repair services. As long as you're okay with the extra rates that might apply, this may be the best vulcanization process for getting your conveyor belts repaired as quickly as possible.

Have Severely Damaged Portions Removed

As the conveyor belt vulcanizing company analyzes the condition of your conveyor belt system, they may come across severely damaged portions that are affected greatly by tears and punctures. If the company shows you these sections, it's probably best to just have them removed from the belt system entirely.

Then you won't have to worry about lingering issues as much. The conveyor belt vulcanizing company can just use new belt materials and attach them to the area that was recently removed. 

Just because portions of your conveyor belt system are compromised, doesn't mean you have to replace these materials entirely. Sections can be repaired by conveyor belt vulcanizing companies. The repair methods they use will deliver satisfactory results if you take the correct measures when working with one of these specialty companies. 

For more information, contact a local conveyor belt vulcanizing service.