Three Reasons Why Nearly Everything Industrial Gets Its Own Hard Protective Case

Posted on: 8 January 2019

There has been a rapidly growing trend for one particular accessory in the industrial world: hard protective cases. These cases are used for everything from transporting uranium balls to preventing tool loss. If you want to know why so many of these cases have been made and are in use, check out the following information.

These Cases Are Tough

If you dropped one of these cases down a flight of steps or off a landing inside the plant, it would definitely bounce, ricochet, and tumble. What it would not do is crack, split, break open, or damage anything inside. The only visible damage is maybe a light scratch or scuff mark, and everything inside is still in mint condition. That is good news when the cases protect volatile materials, sensitive equipment like borescopes, or business laptops.

Industrial Liquids Will Not Damage the Cases

Given the nature of the plastics used, no oils, acids, or other liquids can damage these cases. So, if you are walking the length of an open catwalk over paper pulp vats and you trip, sending your case full of tools flying up into the air and falling into a pulp vat below, it is okay. You will need to find a way to fish the case out quickly, but most everything inside should still be intact.

The Interiors Are All Custom

Hard cases can be any size, and most of them are generally square- or rectangle-shaped. What is especially fantastic is the interior of each individual case. The interiors are the customized parts of these cases because the foam inserts can be cut to fit and cushion anything, or you can skip the foam and insert stacking trays instead. Maybe you are transporting something radioactive for the government, in which case you would need a case that is lined entirely with lead and is lockable. Whatever you need a hard protective case for, the manufacturers of such cases can customize it to suit your needs.

Want a Case Now?

If you think you could really use a special case like this for something, manufacturers are always willing and able to make one for you. They also sell basic, ready-to-use cases if you just want a case for hand tools or heavy-duty storage. Pick, mix, and match the features you want for your case. Then call the company to get your custom case ordered when you're ready.