Top Tips For Choosing A Steel Supplier

Posted on: 25 July 2017

Steel is utilized in a variety of industries, and companies need to ensure that they can obtain the steel supplies that they need in order to stay on schedule and keep up with day-to-day responsibilities. If you are in charge of ordering steel supplies for your company, it is essential to work with the right steel supplier, like Eastern Steel Corporation. Use the following tips to help choose the best steel supplier for your company:


Most companies need to think about their bottom line, so the price of the steel supplies being ordered can be a major factor when choosing a steel supplier to develop a relationship with. Take the time to get quotes from several suppliers so you have a good base of information in order to compare and contrast prices. Don't automatically choose to order from the steel supplier with the lowest price-- it is important to consider other factors as well to ensure that your company gets the best value.


One of the most important aspects of finding a steel supplier is to look for one that is incredibly reliable. When your company has projects lined up, a delay in receiving your order of steel supplies can be very costly. Ask steel suppliers about their turnaround time and any guarantees about providing the steel that your company ordered by the date stipulated in the contract. Some steel suppliers offer a discount on the invoice price if an order is delayed for any reason-- no steel supplier wants to lose money, so companies that offer this kind of discount may be more likely to always deliver on time.

Steel Quality

A steel supplier may offer a rock bottom price on the steel supplies that your companies need, but if the steel is poor quality it will cost you a lot of money in the long run. The last thing you want is to damage the reputation of your company by using poor quality steel in your projects or products. Take the time to assess the quality of steel being offered by a supplier before placing an order.

Customer Service

It is very important to choose a steel supplier that values your company's business and provides excellent customer service. After placing an order, you should have no problem getting in contact with someone from the steel supplier to answer any questions or address concerns. Steer clear of steel suppliers who are rude on the phone or don't respond to phone calls or emails in a timely manner.