What To Do Prior To Scrapping Your Car

Posted on: 9 March 2017

A car is a possession that costs a lot of money to purchase, takes money to maintain, and then gives you very little money in return. However, if your vehicle is too old to have a trade-in value left, you should consider selling it to a scrap yard. Here are a few things that you must do prior to dropping your car off.

Clear Out Your Belongings

It is common for you to collect things in your vehicle and not even realize it until you begin to clean it out. Before you sell your car, you will want to go through every compartment and crevice to look for items you have left behind. Before you think of it as just trash, remember that your information is on most pieces of trash. The items you feel are not important may be something someone uses to steal your identity later.

Have a Clean Title Ready

It is vital that when you sell your car to the scrap yard that you have a clean title. The junkyard will want a copy of the title and you want to make sure that you are free of any liability after it is out of your hands. Until the title is in the hands of another party, it is your responsibility. This is also the time to return license plates and take the vehicle off of your insurance. Do not hand your vehicle over to a scrap yard if they do not ask you for the title and for a form of picture identification.

Give Them the Worst

If you are going to scrap your vehicle, do not have brand new tires or battery installed. You can swap your tires out for balding tires, and then sell the good ones to someone else. Your battery may be able to be sold as well if it is almost new. Finally, look at any aftermarket gear that you had installed, such as a stereo system, to make sure you can make any extra money off your car.

Do Not Leave Gas

Most scrap yards will tow your vehicle for free, and they drain the fluids before putting them out on the lot. Do not waste your hard-earned money by leaving gasoline for them to drain out of the vehicle. Either drive your car for as long as possible, and only put in enough gas to get home, or siphon the gasoline from the tank before it gets picked up.

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