Finding The Perfect Outdoor Storage Bin

Posted on: 9 March 2017

Storage bins that are stored outside must be protected from the elements. It is ideal to store belongings indoors, but if there is a practical reason to store belongings outdoors, there are several characteristics you should look for in your storage bins. 

Understand The Weather Shield

The bins should come with a weather shield. These not only shield from moisture but also protect from dust and contaminants. It is especially important to use these containers when storing clothing, linen, cushions, electronics, and anything else that is vulnerable.

While waterproof bins are more effective at keeping belongings dry, this does not mean that they will necessarily keep belongings safe if the bin has been completely submerged. Therefore, it is important to investigate the capabilities of the bin if you believe it might need to be submerged at some point, such as if it will be used at the beach or near a pool.

One of the great things about weather-tight storage bins is that they will also protect your belongings from pests. This is essential when placing a storage bin outside, but it is also important when protecting your belongings anywhere else form any other type of pest.

Choose A Durable Option

Bins that will be stored outside need to have very strong latches. These will ensure that the lid does not come off unexpectedly, which can expose belongings to adverse weather conditions. The most convenient latches are ones that allow for the lid to be completely removed, rather than having the lid simply be hinged.

Watertight bins are not only useful for storing your belongings outside, but also when storing belongings in cellars, basements, and other locations that are very damp. It is also a good idea to use containers that are weatherproof if you live near the sea.

Make sure that the lid that you use is reinforced so that it can be more resistant to damage and so that other containers can be stacked on top of the storage bin. The material should be impact and scratch resistant. Also, make sure that the pins for the hinges are made out of durable metal.

Choose a container that has feet that will not slide easily so that the container will remain in place. For example, if the container will be used while boating, you will not want the container to slide to the edge of the boat and be at risk of falling overboard.

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