Troubleshooting Your Boiler

Posted on: 1 November 2016

When it comes to heating your warehouse, investing in a boiler can be beneficial. Because these types of heating systems contain few mechanical parts, the risk of malfunctions that could compromise your warehouse's access to heat are few when you rely on a boiler. Their reliability can cause you to be perplexed if you suddenly experience a loss of heat, but there are some simple things you can do to get your boiler running properly once again.

1. Check the circulator pump.

Your boiler heating system relies on a constant supply of water running through the rooms in your warehouse to provide heat. When access to water is compromised, you may find that the rooms within your warehouse are not as hot as they should be. The circulator pump is responsible for regulating the flow of water throughout your warehouse.

If you experience a sudden loss of heat, check to ensure that the circulator pump is working properly. Mechanical failure within the circulator pump is one common cause of boiler problems, so repairing or replacing this part regularly will help you maintain a more comfortable temperature within your warehouse.

2. Check your boiler's aquastat.

Water inside your boiler's tank heats to a specified temperature before it is distributed throughout the rooms in your warehouse. The temperature inside the holding tank is regulated by an important component known as the aquastat. As soon as the aquastat senses that the temperature inside your boiler is getting too hot, it will automatically turn the boiler off.

If the aquastat is malfunctioning, it may not be reading the temperature within your boiler's tank correctly. This will cause the boiler to turn off before the water in the tank is heated properly, compromising the temperature inside your warehouse. Replacing a worn or faulty aquastat can restore your boiler's functionality.

3. Check the size of your boiler.

If you have made any additions to your warehouse, the increase in square footage could mean that your boiler is no longer equipped to provide the necessary heat you need to keep your entire work area warm.

Experts estimate that a boiler needs to produce roughly 50 BTU per square foot to  keep a space comfortably warm. If your boiler's BTU doesn't match the output your warehouse's new square footage requires, you  may need to invest in a larger boiler to meet your new heating needs.

Being able to troubleshoot your boiler will help you keep your warehouse heated comfortably in the future. For more tips, contact a boiler repair professional like those at Schweitzer Roger & Sons.