Tips for Using a Rolloff Dumpster in Your Next Home-Renovation Project

Posted on: 19 September 2016

If you are a homeowner, you want your house to look as good as possible. This could mean changing the way that it was originally to include hardwood floors or extra rooms. A home-renovation project of this magnitude is going to create a lot of waste, and there is a good chance that your current waste-collection service is not going to deal with it. You are going to need to rent a dumpster. One good option for a dumpster rental for such a project is a rolloff dumpster because it is easy to deposit at your home where you need it. Here are some tips for using that rolloff dumpster for your home renovation.

1. Get a Professional to Estimate the Dumpster Size You Need

Your first step is to get a professional to estimate the dumpster size that you are going to need. See if you can get someone from the dumpster-rental company that you are considering to come down to your home. Describe the project that you are planning in detail, specifically talking about what you think you are going to need to throw away. A rental professional will be able to tell you the size of dumpster that you are going to need. Having the right size dumpster will allow you to avoid wasting money and also avoid having to deal with trying to cram everything into a dumpster that's area is not large enough.

This is also an excellent time for the professional to identify anything that he or she does not think will be accepted by the landfills in your area so that you will be able to sort everything out ahead of time and dispose of it correctly. This is easier than sorting it after the fact.

2. Get the Placement Right

Next, make sure that you get the placement of the dumpster right. This means that you have it close enough to your house that you are able to dispose of everything quickly and easily but also far enough away that any debris that blows off the dumpster does not easily make it into your home. Also make sure that the ground on which you put your dumpster is strong enough to support it without caving in.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in dumpster rentals. They will be able to help you estimate the size of dumpster that you are going to need. You can find a dumpster-rental company by visiting sites such as